The APASSION Blog: Yoga

Spring Yoga Retreat

In partnership with experienced yoga coach, Tess Klotz, we recently hosted our Spring Yoga Retreat, a long weekend devoted to total relaxation, superb food and plenty of yoga. We were blessed with a fantastic mix of people from the UK, … Continue reading

Samoëns Yoga Retreat – May 2013

Chalet APASSION hosted its second spring weekend devoted to total relaxation and plenty of yoga courtesy of the hugely experienced yoga and life-style coach Michele Willmott from Inpired-4-Life. Whilst the weather unfortunately ended up being too chilly to hold any … Continue reading

Spring Yoga in Samoëns

Having teamed up with Michele Willmott from Inpired-4-Life, we recently hosted our first Chalet APASSION yoga retreat weekend. We had a fantastic mix of people originating from as far afield as Canada, China and Somalia and from all walks of life but all with 1 thing in common . . . . Continue reading