The APASSION Blog: October 2010

Is this the prettiest resort in the Alps?

Samoëns is a medieval delight and a joy from top to bottom, says Felix Milns of  The Times – 16th October 2010 “It is a medieval village with a classical square. An historical monument and a place where ancient stonemasons used … Continue reading

Week 10 of the Build: The roof is on!

We were in the French Alps last week to check out the building work on Chalet APASSION and to meet up with the local artisans.

Imagine our excitement as we drove into Samoëns and cast our eyes up the slope
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Check out those cup cakes!

This week I took the opportunity to attend a cup-cake decorating course. Check out my finished cakes in the APASSION Cuisine gallery.

The course was run by ‘Mum’s Who Bake’, based in Buckinghamshire, and was a huge amount of fun.
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Week 9 of the Build: The second floor starts to appear!

With the timber frame having been delivered to the site last week the carpenters have started to construct the timber frame for the second floor. With at least four guys working on-site at all the times it is amazing how quickly the work is progressing. Within five weeks we should have a sealed chalet, Continue reading

Week 8 of the Build: The timber frame starts to arrives on site

Just eight weeks into the build and the final elements of the concrete work are being completed. The concrete floor for the lower level has now been poured and work on the middle floor is underway Continue reading