‘Summer Triathlon’ in Samoëns

With only a few days in Samoëns and so many adrenaline inducing activies to choose from the Evans family decided to max out and fit as many activities into their 3 day stay as possible!

After conquering the rock wall at the Gorges des Tines  .  .  .  .  .  .Rock climbing in Samoëns, French Alps

Came the rafting down the River Giffre  . . . . .Rafting the Giffre River in Samoëns, French Alps

Only to be topped off with the most amazing of achievements . . . . . . tackling the Col de Joux Plane!Cycling the Col de Joux Plane - Samoëns, French Alps

Hats offs to Family Evans who might just be responsible for inventing the new “Samoëns Triathlon”!