Perfect night skies over Samoëns

One of our recent summer guests was a budding young photographer, Hannah Morris, who was so impressed with the views from the balcony of Chalet APASSION that she took time to compose some stunning night shots overlooking Samoëns and the Montagne du Criou . . .  even managing to capture a satellite passing across the top of the Criou! Talk about perfect timing!

View of the Criou from Chalet APASSION, Samoens, FranceSatelitte passiing over the Criou from Chalet APASSION, Samoens, FranceBelow is a piece written by Hannah on the photos and techniques she used to capture the images . . . .

“My name is Hannah Morris born Cardiff, 1994 and I am a keen amateur photographer. I am particularly inspired by natural landscapes. The stunning views and spectacular night sky prompted me to take photographs during my stay at Chalet APASSION.

I used a tripod and my Canon 600D camera along with a 50mm fixed focus lens to take photos of the stars. I used a high F-stop and a shutter speed of between 10 and 30 seconds to capture the light.

One of my ambitions is to return to Yosemite, California to take time lapse photography and create a video of the fantastic scenery.”

Many thanks to Hannah for the photos and we wish her every success for the future – an obvious talent at such a young age to capture images this clear in such difficult lighting.