Snow shoeing in the Sixt Passy National Park

This week Rob and I went snow-shoeing for the first time since settling in Samoëns. We went with local guide, Aga from Alp Tracks and had a fantastic time learning about the valley whilst also learning how to walk with tennis rackets on our feet!

With plenty of snow in the valley and a blue-sky day we headed into the Sixt Passy National Park to the Cirque Fer a Cheval.  The scenery was stunning with the mountains towering above us and the numerous waterfalls frozen in situe.

Le Fer a Cheval - Sixt Passy National Park

Once we’d got used to walking with these strange things attached to our feet, we ventured into the forest and finally ended up at an old farming village where Aga had brought along some wonderful warming tea (peppermint green tea with honey) and biscuits!  Just what we needed!!

Aga offers half day, evening or full day guided walks which can include lunch or dinner in a mountain restaurant.  Kids will love Aga’s igloo building activity!  Aga speaks good English and is a qualified guide, pointing out things of interest during the walk, such as animal tracks in the snow or some of the history of the area.

Snow shoeing in the Sixt Passy National Park