Rafting the Giffre from Sixt to Samoëns

One benefit of the recent unseasonably heavy rainfall is that the River Giffre has been running higher than normal making it an ideal time to try out white-water rafting.

We teamed up with Jeremy and Nat from FROGS rafting and after some fun and games trying to squeeze ourselves into our wetsuits and look good for the photos we quickly got the boat onto the water.

Rafting the Giffre in Samoëns, France

The shock of the freezing cold water was soon forgotten as we got underway and started to pick up speed as we passed through the picturesque village of Sixt Fer à Cheval.

Whilst we did our best to follow the paddling instructions from Jeremy I think he’d have actually done a better job on his own. At times we seemed to have the raft heading in all directions which whilst good for the views made Jeremy’s navigation job somewhat harder!

We managed to reach the infamous Gorge de Tignes in one piece but we’d heard that the entry into the gorge involved a considerable drop and then a right angle bend! However, with Jemery’s instructions and excellent navigation we managed to squeeze through the gorge, albeit backwards, to the applause of the gathered crowds.

The action soon continued when my sister went for an impromptu swim over the side of the raft and disappeared downsteam! After some fiece padding we caught-up with Clare who, apart from being a little winded, was still smiling!

With all of us back in the boat we headed downsteam into Samoëns and completed the final set of rapids like a team of pros!

Rafting the Giffre in Samoëns, France