The medieval village of Yvoire

Just over an hour from Samoëns situated on the shores of Lake Leman (Geneva) lies the picturesque medieval village of Yvoire. The village is completely enclosed between the ancient stone walls and the lake frontage where there is a beautiful port and promenade.

On entering the village through the main gates the cobbled lanes are home to a myriad of interesting shops selling everything from handmade wicker artifacts to designer furniture and glassware. There are also numerous restaurants tucked into the old stone buildings most of them offering stunning views across the roof-tops and out across the lake.

Yvoire, France    Yvoire Habour, France

We took a stroll through the Garden of Five Senses where you are encouraged to touch and feel the plants as opposed to just looking and smelling them and came across a plant that wierdly smelled exactly like Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum!

Yvoire Castle, France

Yvoire Gardens, France

The peace and tranquility of the village was, however, interrupted by several hundred Harley Davidson motorbikers that had also decided to visit Yvoire on the same day as part of their annual Haute Savoie festival. The noise of all those V-Twin engines firing up inside the walled village was quite moving – literally!

Harley Davidson festival in Yvoire, France