Week 10 of the Build: The roof is on!

We were in the French Alps last week to check out the building work on Chalet APASSION and to meet up with the local artisans.

Imagine our excitement as we drove into Samoëns and cast our eyes up the slope to see a ski chalet with walls built and workman standing on the roof. Chalet APASSION is beginning to look like a luxury chalet for the first time!

Once we’d stopped grinning we chatted to the foreman to be further amazed to learn that by the end of the week the entire chalet would be tiled and that work on fitting the doors and windows would start.

So, not only is the building work ahead of schedule but crucially our luxury chalet will be sealed well ahead of the first Grand Massif snowfall.  Not long now before we’ll be in Samoëns and treating our first fully catered guests to Vicky’s gourmet cuisine.

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