Week 6 of the Build: Chalet APASSION has a ground floor!

With only five weeks since work on the site began the team have made tremendous process. Excavation work has been completed and the team have been working at lightening-speed on the concrete footings and walls.  Chalet APASSION now has a ground floor! Truly exciting for us as we can now really start to picture a chalet on site as opposed to just a patch of grass!

Luckily we have our project manager, Denis, on-site providing us with regular photo updates as we remain in the UK until the end of October, spending our time on establishing the business-end of Chalet APASSION.

If the building work continues on schedule we should be arriving in Samoens at the end of October to see the entire external structure completed with all the external doors and windows in place.  Getting the chalet water-tight is a key milestone in the project as work can then continue unaffected by the elements, not that the weather appears to be a problem at the moment – just check out the blue sky in the new photos in the gallery!